Acne – How to Cure it with Homeopathy and Acupuncture

Acne is a typical condition of adolescents, more frequent in men than in women, due to the influence of testosterone or some hormonal imbalance. So, acne can appear in young people (the most common), but also in pregnant women and during menstruation, even in young children. There is a genetic predisposition to be inherited from parents to children.

“Food and cosmetics are believed to be involved in the genesis of acne, in some cases.”

Says Dr Yogesh Jadhav how is an Homeopathic doctor at Advanced Speciality Homeopathy Clinic, one of the homeopathy clinic in Aurangabad      .

Several types of acne have been described, such as comedonal acne (blackheads), papulopustular acne (the most serious, due to its sequelae of scars and the adolescent’s personal image) and cystic nodule acne (more severe because it leaves nodules under the skin). Also, in this classification, acne rosacea is included, although it seems to have a different etiology (origin).

They are also classified by their location, which can be only on the chin, on the entire face, on the back, etc.

A study carried out in Spain revealed that between 80-85{f40f2a8169045e3ac6f44e31cb573b271764227fff173d5860f2fc09c3872fc6} of adolescents suffered from acne.

Conventional treatments include antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide derivatives, tetracyclines, among other treatments.

The importance of treating the adolescent with acne on time is due to the consequences of scars that can cause low self-esteem and even depression. Cases of psychosis associated with a poor personal image have even been described, especially in adult women.

Acne and homeopathy

There are very effective homeopathic medicines to treat acne from several fronts: attacking the genetic predisposition: in homeopathy it is called miasma, the genetic tendency to inherit diseases and in the case of acne, remedies such as thuya, natrum sulfuricum, treat what is called the psychotic terrain, which is the tendency to the appearance of lesions such as acne, warts, among others.

Comedones can be treated with medications such as sulfur, selenium, and especially the remedy that we, homeopaths, call background or constitutional.

Medicines treat pustular acne, as well as bromine derivatives, such as Kali Bromatum, a classic medicine in homeopathy for acne with pustules.

The last step is to treat the scars with drugs such as graphites, a peeling-type treatment.

Acne and Acupuncture

In homeopathy practice, we also use acupuncture to treat acne, because Indian doctors have a different theory about the origin of the disease that is very effective: they have been proving its effectiveness for 3,000 years.

What is the cause of acne in homeopathy medicine?

The Indian doctors describe acne as caused by heat on the body. Much heat in the body produces, like small volcanoes, eruptions, especially in the face, which is the area where the body accumulates heat. That is why people can go to the snow and only leave the face uncovered because all the body heat is accumulates there.

Male hormones produce heat, that’s why women tend to be cooler, have less testosterone

A diet with many sugary products, chocolate and fat, processed foods, with a lot of use of oil and sausages, produces heat and also humidity, which is the second condition that favors acne.

Moisture for Indian doctors is the breeding ground for bacteria, which are the cause of the formation of pus. Humidity and heat together, produce pathologies, in this case, acne.

How is it treated in homeopathy medicine?

First, the patient’s diet is reviewed to correct excesses of fatty or sweet foods, sources of heat.

Through the examination of the pulse and the tongue, it is known which organ of the body is most affected, be it the lungs, the stomach, the heart, among other organs. In homeopathy medicine, organs are represented on the wrist pulse and on the tongue.

With acupuncture, excess heat is balanced in the body, in the face, in the skin, the tendency to accumulate moisture and produce cysts, scars, and keloids, among others.

The Indian herbal formulas are also used for the same purpose, to remove heat and moisture from the skin, balance the hormonal flow and increase the energy of the blood (an Indian concept of health).

Anyone who suffers from acne should include homeopathic and acupuncture management in the treatment. The results are excellent and both physical and emotional complications can be avoided.