UK’s favourite recipes

Each time you search on the internet about the most favourite Britain recipes, the same dishes tend to pop up. A majority of these results are mostly comfort foods as opposed to fancy gourmet recipes.  This article focuses on recipes that can be made quickly and influence other cuisines, showing how British foods have incorporated and absorbed flavours, spices and technique internationally. One important tip you ought to know about food delivery is that you need to order from reputable companies to get quality services. Online review sites, including, will help you look at online food delivery companies UK reviews; thus, you will be able to select reputable companies to deliver your food. Below is a collection of some of the most cherished super dishes in the UK.

Bangers and Mash

Banger is a term used to refer to sausages because when they are cooked too fast, they tend to bang on the pan. It is a favourite dish for many families in the UK, especially because it is easy and fast to prepare. The needed ingredients are milk, sausages, potatoes and butter. It is a meal that will be ready within an hour. You can top it with Onion gravy. You are not constrained to any sausage type. Instead, you can choose your preferred sausage from pork to beef, turkey or even chicken sausage. Prepare a creamy and buttery mash and put the pan-fried sausages on top. While serving, you can pour an amount of onion gravy of your liking on top. This dish offers the advantage of being budget-friendly. It is also an excellent choice to opt for as a weeknight meal together with your kids.

Fish pie

Budget-friendly and also easy to prepare, a fish pie is a great British dish. By preparing it using fish scraps, you will save on your budget. The other ingredients you’ll need are butter, potatoes, fish stock, milk and seasonings. The dish will be ready in an hour and a half; an hour to assemble and prepare everything and half an hour in the oven.  To prepare it, poach the fish inside the milk, come up with a thick sauce having leeks, flour and milk, and mix the two. Have a layer of mashed potatoes to cover them. You should then top with cheese and proceed to bake. Once ready, serve with steamed vegetable or a fresh salad.

Fish and chips

This dish is an example of an exchange of culture through cuisine. It is also a national staple food in the United Kingdom. Immigrant from Portugal and Spain of Jewish descent introduced the fried and battered fish concept into the main island. Though chips were consumed in times of scarcity as a replacement for fish, with time, they have been adopted as a complete, wholesome meal that can be made quickly. You’ll commonly find chips all over the UK. The fish that are mainly cooked with the chips are mostly COD or haddock. Go for the floury type potatoes.  Deep fry the chips till they are crunchy, and for the fish, have it beer-battered. Within 40 minutes, your meal will be ready. Serve the fish and chips with vinegar, tartar sauce and lemon wedges.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese was a famous dinner party in the ’60s. The dish has recently made a comeback in UK’s food. Though it has its origin in Italy. It is not a firmly  Italian dish. A long pasta and a rich meat ragout make the Spaghetti Bolognese a wholly satisfying meal. It is budget-friendly, and with the appropriate accompaniments such as fresh bread or a fancy salad, the dish can be transformed into a slightly fancier meal. The meat sauce you make from milk, pancetta, vegetables, wine, and tomatoes cooks for two and a half hours until it gets thick and develops a flavour. Serve with Linguini or Spaghetti. You can also top up with an amount of parmesan cheese of your liking.

Stew and Dumplings

This is a favourite food in Ireland and Britain, especially during winter.  Its preparation process requires a slow and long cook. It is prepared using suet and has high amounts of calories. However, you’ll like each of its bite. A gentle beef stew prepared with vegetables, brandy and stock is an ideal base for soft, fluffy dumplings. You’ll need about two and a half hour to have this dish ready.

In conclusion, while some British recipes may pop upon performing a search on the internet. It’s hard to find a list of the most cherished British dishes in one article. This article has made it easy by listing some of the most loved British dishes in a single article.