Top Benefits of Retainers

Crooked, misaligned teeth with gaps are likely to harbor bacteria leading to cavities, oral odors, and gum diseases. Thus your dentist might recommend braces to correct the misaligned teeth, as they straighten the teeth and reduce oral issues. Although the braces are effective for straightening the teeth, the teeth might gradually drift apart after the treatment creating gaps and misalignment. Thus, you should opt for durham retainers which complete the braces’ work, as they keep the teeth aligned. Although wearing the retainers might be cumbersome, you should wear them for these reasons.

It Keeps the Teeth Aligned

The retainers keep the teeth aligned after treatment with braces as they hold firmly to the aligned teeth. Thus, you can choose between permanent or temporary retainers depending on the extent of the treatment. For instance, if the teeth had minor crookedness before treatment, you may opt for temporary retainers as they are removable, and you can choose when to wear them. However, if the teeth were previously too crooked, you would go for permanent retainers, which are irremovable.

It Defends the Teeth against Tongue Thrust

The retainers defend the delicate teeth against tongue thrust as it is easy for the teeth to move on the arch due to tongue thrust. The tongue thrust occurs when you are talking or sleeping. It pushes the teeth outwards, creating outward-looking teeth. Thus, the retainers will prevent the teeth from moving outwards, creating gaps.

It Guards the Teeth against Clenching

Sometimes you may experience clenching, especially if you are prone to sleep apnea. Unfortunately, teeth clenching leads to the loss of enamel on the surface of the teeth. Thus, you can wear the retainers as they guard the teeth against clenching and keep them in good health.

It Closes Space

The retainer finishes the work done by the braces, as braces may not close all the gaps between the teeth. However, braces will close more than 80% of the existing gaps during treatment but may not close all the gaps. Thus, the retainers ensure the teeth stay in the right position, making it possible to close the gaps left after treatment. After aligning the teeth, they may move around if you don’t wear retainers, as the pressure from chewing and tongue thrust move them out of the arch.

It Protects Your Oral Health

The retainers protect your oral health by preventing crookedness and the teeth in position on the jaw. Thus, it contributes to eliminating bad oral odors due to an overgrowth of harmful bacteria around crooked teeth. Additionally, they permanently keep the teeth in the new position leading to an even bite and promoting better jaw health. They may contribute to better gum health, eradicating gum disease and periodontitis.

You may need retainers after aligning your teeth with braces to complete the work done by the braces. They may seal off the gaps that could develop after aligning the teeth by keeping them in the right position on the jawline. Thus, they protect oral health by reducing crookedness, closing the gaps, and reducing odors. They might guard the teeth against clenching due to sleep apnea. Thus, you can opt for permanent or temporary retainers depending on the extent of the oral issues.