Tips for Making Eyelashes Deeper Black

Dark colored eyelashes are desirable for everyone because they can make the eyes glow. But, not everyone is born with such eyelashes. Some have short eyelashes and bright colors, so if you don’t dress up they will look bald without eyelashes at all.
Don’t be sad, because you want to share how to blacken lashes naturally and quickly. You don’t need to go to the salon to plant eyelashes, just do these ten things. Apart from getting darker (black) lashes, your lashes will also be healthier. How? See the explanation below.

1. Olive Oil

First of all, for all the steps in this article, you definitely need a clean mascara brush. You can wash a used mascara brush or buy a new mascara brush. This brush will always be used until step 10, we won’t explain it below, yes. Besides the mascara brush, you can also apply this method with a lighter cotton bud.
Do you believe that olive oil can make eyelashes blacker? You must believe because this is a fact. To blacken lashes using olive oil, you must provide one tablespoon of olive oil. If there’s extra virgin olive oil, it’s better. Don’t know the difference between ordinary and extra virgin olive oil? Read the explanation in the article How to Eat Olive Oil.
You only need to dip the mascara brush into olive oil, then brush it into a spoon/bowl/towel so the oil doesn’t stick too much. This must be done, the problem is that if the oil is too much, the fear will eventually enter the eyes and irritate the eyes.
Position the mascara brush at the base of the upper lashes and apply olive oil with a sawing motion. Do it slowly so that the oil does not enter the eyes. Do it repeatedly until it feels enough. Let stand for 15 minutes before you rinse lashes with water.

2. Bimatoprost eyelash

One of the best-known okdermo products is Tri-Luma cream. To buy tri luma cream you can get it through Tri-Luma cream buy online. Let’s go to Bimatoprost eyelash. If you use Bimatoprost eyelash, use the original.
The second way to naturally blacken lashes is to use Bimatoprost eyelash growth drops – Bimat. Bimatoprost eyelash is one of the products from okdermo.
Take a piece of Bimatoprost eyelash, rub it on your finger, then apply it to the lashes as shown above. Just apply Bimatoprost eyelash to the end of the lashes, not at the root because it can hit the eyes. Do it every time you want to sleep (this step is safe to sleep). You can also use Bimatoprost eyelash with a mascara brush.
For more information about okdermo, you can view the footage via the following youtube link.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has 1001 functions. This Aloe Vera can be eaten, both for hair and skin care can cure skin diseases and wounds, so it can blacken lashes as well. Very cool indeed this plant. Aloe Vera contains ingredients that are very effective for making eyelashes denser.
You can use Aloe Vera directly on the lashes or process it first. Prepare 3 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel, 1 teaspoon of castor oil, and a ½ teaspoon of vitamin E oil. Stir all ingredients in a small bowl. Dip your mascara on the ingredients, then apply it to the lashes.
This step is better done when you are going to sleep after you wash your face and apply night skin care. No need to rinse, you can let the tongue dry out when you sleep. In 6 weeks of regular use, you will get longer and black lashes.