Here are Tips for Choosing the Best internet speed for online lessons

Although the government plans to hold face-to-face schools on a limited basis with the implementation of strict health protocols, online schools still dominate today. The reason is, various considerations such as COVID-19 cases in the area which are still high, teachers and school officials have not received vaccines, and so on.

Learning online is not easy because it requires a qualified internet so that learning activities run smoothly. In addition, internet packages also run out quickly because of the many online activities that are carried out while studying.

Starting from video calls via zoom to searching for learning materials via the internet, all require a large internet data package. Therefore, it is important to choose a provider that provides the best internet package to support online learning at home. Here’s the info for you!

So that the monthly costs at home are not getting bloated with the additional need to buy an internet package for children’s learning, you should choose a provider that offers an internet package that is right for the child’s needs.

In addition to a quota that is 100{f40f2a8169045e3ac6f44e31cb573b271764227fff173d5860f2fc09c3872fc6} main quota and a strong network, you also need to consider the price of internet packages.

Here are some tips for choosing a cheap and appropriate internet package for online learning at home.

Choose the package that suits your needs like a Wave authorized retailer so you don’t spend money.

For example, if a child’s daily needs are high, such as Zoom calls or doing quite a lot of assignments from school so you need to look for online references, then 10GB per day is certainly enough.

If multiplied by school days, then a month you just need to buy a High-Speed 250 internet package. Pay attention to the price of internet packages because different providers have different prices.

For example, if you choose High-Speed 100. If you have decided which provider you want to buy the internet package for your children’s learning needs at home, it’s also very easy to buy the internet quota.

Whatever provider you choose, the method of buying an internet package owned by the provider is relatively the same.

The only difference is the application and the SSD code if you want to buy directly via a smartphone without any hassle. For those of you who want to buy Wave authorized retailer, you can contact Wave customer service to Answers all Your Concerns.

Here is info on how to buy an internet quota that you can choose depending on which one is most convenient for you to do.

1. Buy internet packages online via e-commerce sites

Currently, e-commerce sites not only sell gadgets and fashion products but also provide all daily needs, including internet data packages.

You can choose your favorite e-commerce site for shopping when you are going to buy an online internet package, Blibli for example. All you have to do is enter the mobile number you want to fill in the data package with, then you will be presented with a variety of internet package options available for your card.

You just have to choose which one you want, starting from only internet packages, or bundling with a choice of free access to various applications or premium subscription fees.

Then you can enter the promo code (if any) and make payments through a variety of available payment methods, such as debit and credit cards, bank transfers, as well as internet or mobile banking.

Choose the provider with the strongest signal in your area.

2. Buy internet packages through the app

is a top provider in Indonesia, each of which can be downloaded by users for an easy top-up, purchase data packages, or call + SMS packages.

This application can generally be downloaded for free on the Play Store and App Store. It is very easy to buy an internet package using the application. After downloading the application, you need to register/log in with your cellphone number Depending on the application, look for the Buy icon on the application interface.

You just need to select the internet package you want and then proceed to payment, choose the most convenient payment method for you; credit, credit cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, internet banking, and so on then complete the payment within the specified time.

3. Buy internet package via USSD code

The USSD code is a combination of certain characters and numbers that you can type directly on your smartphone’s dial pad to buy an internet package.

This method can be done even if the smartphone does not have the internet at all. You just have to choose the desired quota option according to the selected number listed. However, for this option, you must have sufficient credit in your cellphone number because the payment option is only by directly deducting the user’s credit.

After choosing the package that suits your needs, your credit will be immediately deducted and the internet package will be activated immediately.