Healthy teeth—healthy soul?

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Why is it so important to maintain strong and healthy teeth? Eating fit, washing your teeth regularly, plus these horrifying visits at the dentist… and all that in what aim?

Poor teeth – death wish?

It may be hard to believe, but nor caring enough about your teeth, in some extreme situations, can lead to serious illnesses or even death. Just do yourself a favour, and don’t ignore a tooth ache!

More shallow reasons?

The main purpose may be already stated but what is more? There are different motives that seem obvious, but that doesn’t make them less important. For many people strong and healthy teeth simply mean a beautiful smile. Too shallow? A nice smile can do miracles…


A smile with healthy, white teeth not only make a person seem more attractive but also make him/her feel more confident. The belief that the look does not matter is more and more popular. It is true to some extent, yet let’s consider the obvious. The first thoughts and impressions shape our attitude towards someone. Even though we may not want to, we do create an opinion about other person within the first few seconds of the encounter. During an interview for a job or at the business meeting, it is the first impressions that matter the most. Simply, if you are confident or at least seem as such, it is more likely that you sell what you need to sell, whether it is a product or an idea.

Self-sacrifice – are there so many?

Being satisfied with your body, feeling confident may improve your career, but also boost your self-awareness, confidence and mental health. Is eating healthy such a cost then? Or visiting that monster-the dentist once in a while? Especially that there are new technologies that often make the procedures and surgeries less painful if not at all painless. Plus, if you really can’t stand your doctor or simply need a change, you can always make a trip to another clinic, maybe to another country and award yourself with a sightseeing of a new place (how about Poland? – tannbehandling i utlandet).