7 Tips For Home Isolation In Case Of Positive RT-PCR Report

There is no need to panic if the RT-PCR test comes positive as most cases are recoverable at home. As per the guidelines issued by world governments and the WHO, not all Covid cases require hospital admission. Yes, a patient can safely recover from the effects of this virus by following the norms of home quarantine. If the symptoms are moderate and oxygen saturation is normal, one can go into home isolation for a minimum of 12-14 days to recover. Here are some helpful tips for faster recovery in the home quarantine setup.

When Should One Go Under Home Isolation?

If a person catches a cold, cough or fever that persists over two days, it is better to go through the RT-PCR test. SpiceHealth is operational in different parts of Delhi and other cities for all Covid-related tests. One can either visit the clinic or call for a home collection service. If the test comes positive, go under home isolation immediately and follow these norms.

Precautions & Tips To Follow Under Home Quarantine

After isolating oneself from all the family members, one should be careful with the treatment. Just staying away from family is not enough. One has to abide by all these guidelines to recover sooner with enough antibodies in the system to fight the virus.

●     Follow All The Safety Norms

Perform home isolation in a clean and separate space. Do not wash the dishes and clothes of the infected person with others. Wear a mask when talking on the phone or with family members, even from a distance. Contact SpiceHealth in case of any emergency.

●     Consume A Healthy Diet

Do not skip meals or eat junk food during this period. Consume a healthy diet full of vitamins, minerals and protein. Incorporate pulses, meat, eggs, legumes, soybean, milk, fruits and leafy vegetables into the diet plan.

●     Keep In Touch With A Doctor

Consult a doctor and update him about the condition over the phone. Note his suggestions and consume all the medicines prescribed by him without any failure. Do not engage in self-medication.

●     Take Healthy Fluids As Much As Possible

Stay hydrated. Consume healthy fluids like coconut water, fruit juice, diluted water, and energy drinks to gain stamina and strength. Avoid drinking too much caffeine during this time as it can hamper the sleep cycle.

●     Monitor Oxygen Saturation & Pulse Daily

Self-monitoring oxygen levels and pulse is a crucial task. Contact SpiceHealth clinicians to understand the monitoring process. The ideal oxygen saturation is 95. If it falls below 90, consult a doctor. Lie on the back immediately and ventilate the room to get fresh air. Do not panic in these conditions.

●     Stay In A Well-Ventilated Room

Proper ventilation is necessary as one needs enough fresh air and oxygen to feel calm. Follow home isolation in an outdoor-facing room to get enough air and sunlight. Also, avoid staying in air-conditioned rooms or using the AC in the isolation room.

●     Maintain A Monitoring Chart For 14 Days

One can maintain a health monitoring guide to check his condition by noting down all his activities, consumptions and oxygen levels.

What Is The Right Time To End Isolation?

The isolation period depends upon the incubation of the Covid virus and prevailing symptoms. However, doctors recommend 12-14 days of quarantine under professional supervision is the best option.

Visit or contact the SpiceHealth clinic to get an RT-PCR test done if there are any symptoms of COVID-19. It is one of the most reliable options for Covid-related emergencies. If the clinicians or doctors suggest the patient is asymptomatic, he can follow all these home isolation norms to recover soon. There is no need to panic, as healing from this deadly virus is possible!