3 Undeniable Facts About Skin Care Cream

Saving money in these hard recessionary times is more than just trendy. It is a necessity! Opting for skin care cream rather than a botox injection will save you loads of money and a lot of time and discomfort. That is the first undeniable fact about the cosmetics industry and nutraceutical companies are delighted that invasive treatments are outside most people’s budgets.

The second undeniable fact about these products such as the typical skin care moisturizer cream is that harmful ingredients are still being used and there are sound economic reasons for doing so. Most of these harmful agents are preservatives in one form or another and they are there for two reasons. One is to save money because they lengthen the shelf life and the second reason is that they save the manufacturers a lot of money.

Fortunately there is a growing awareness of what goes into a product like skin care cream. But there is still a long way to go. It seems that the EU and other countries like the USA, Canada and Japan are in the forefront in trying to get some sort of regulation in banning some of the harmful ingredients.

The third undeniable fact is the most damaging ingredients such as the parabens are still used in over 20,000 products and still counting! These parabens are basically anti fungal agents which will help your favorite skin care cream from going mouldy. Sounds innocent enough but the EU directives are not so reassuring in that they are legislating against these ingredients because they are linked to cancer, mutations and birth defects. There could be harmful ingredients lurking in your skin care moisturizer cream.

I have discovered that most of the ingredient listed on a face detergent I have are so small that they are invisible to the naked eye. I got out a magnifying glass and discovered to my horror that there were no less than four parabens, urea and ethanols which are all on the blacklist.

What are the safer ingredients and how do we find them?

Any company which is serious about the health of its customers will make it perfectly clear that ethanols, alcohols, fragrances (often made of only synthetic ingredients) are not used in their products. There should also be a lengthy description of the components and why they are used and why they are safe for the human skin. There should be ample evidence of their research and testing records as well as their guarantees of quality and safety. These are the best ways of checking what is in your next skin care cream.